Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Significance of Science and Technology in Our Lives

Science and technology, we can always notice these words together though they both don’t have the same meaning but they are still connected with each other. Science and technology contributes good things in our lives but at the same time, they also do have disadvantages.

The great contribute of science in our lives is to explain how things came to existence. Just like how the universe started. Science could tell us how it came from nothing to something. The magic of science did not end yet. It can also explain to us how things behave and the characteristics and properties that they have.

On the other hand, science has its disadvantages. Due to science’ explanations, people lose faith in God. They don’t believe anymore on what was written on the Bible. They only focus themselves on finding ways to explain things scientifically. Most likely, scientists only believe in the things if they can see it.

Next is technology.  Nowadays, technology almost ruled everything in this world. People use technology to satisfy their needs. They use it to make things to easier for them. Like computer which can be used on office works to make the burdens of the employees be lighter.

Just like science, technology also has its disadvantages. Above all, technology causes people to be lazy. They just depend their works to technology. They just focus themselves on the saying, “technology could make things easier.” Lastly, is the misuse of technology which causes the destruction of our nature.

As time moves forward, the more the science and technology influenced our lives. As long as science can discover more things, technology also became more advance and find more ways to make life easier that we’ve ever expected.

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